Showcase at the 18th DIA Japan Annual Meeting

We exhibit at the 18th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2021. This year’s event will be held on the web as last year.

Under the theme of “A company that comprehensively researches and evolves imaging”, Micron, Inc. has been working to efficiently support clinical trials by utilizing imaging technology. We will be exhibiting the following services. Please come and visit our virtual booth.
Web exhibition: October 17, 2021 – November 30, 2021
The 18th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2021 https://diajam2021.ap1.pathable.com/
Micron’s booth https://diajam2021.ap1.pathable.com/organizations/QJSnTtRnikageA7Wh
Only attendees of the DIA Japan Annual Meeting can visit. (Please feel free to contact us in case you’re not an attendee.)
[INDICATE Building Bridges with the Medical Device Industry]
We adopt, introduce, and propose image analysis technologies with advanced technology, such as those equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). We act as a bridge between companies that want to introduce innovative software as medical device (SaMD) and companies which are interested in them.
[Support for obtaining approval for diagnostic imaging programs (SaMD)
What should be prepared to launch a programmed medical device (AI medical diagnostic aid software) in Japan? We will introduce you Micron’s solutions. We propose solutions from imaging study design and operation to PMDA consultation and application.
[Solution for de-identification failure solution during DICOM image retrieval in clinical trials]
Solution for one of the most common queries in clinical trials using images, the omission of subject information deletion.
[Micron Service General Information]
Micron’s services introductions.
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Micron, Inc.
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