Remote Reading Service for Medical Video Data Has Been Launched

Our independent medical image reading system, IRUM®neo has been upgraded to improve the quality of medical video data (e.g. endoscope video, ultrasound video) reading services.

Originally, our reading system only supported still medical image data. This caused the complication of our workflow which tended to lead higher service fees. This system upgrade simplified the whole imaging study workflow including study participants’ (or subjects’) information and study report management. The transferring medical video data at study sites through image data QC can be all operated on this new system. We are also glad to announce that we launched new medical image data reading services with this upgraded system today.

We will continue to make further improvements to this system, and by June 2023, we plan to release more efficient and higher quality medical image reading services with fully automated workflow of remote reading. We will continue to provide new services unique to our company. If you are interested, please contact us below.

*IRUM®neo is system that supports the whole imaging study processes, such as medical image data collection, QC, and interpretation in a single system. It has recently been used for SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) developments in addition to clinical trials (eligibility assessments of study participants, evaluation of safety or treatment responses) for pharmaceutical drug developments. It’s also useful to collect image data (for reference data/accurate data to create gold standard) in the development of medical devices equipped with AI (artificial intelligence).

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