A Micron employee will give a lecture at a web seminar run by our partner, Proswell Medical Company in China.

Micron, Inc. has entered into a business alliance agreement with Proswell Medical Company. To mark this alliance, one of our employees will be speaking at their web seminar called “Proswell University.” (Note: This seminar will be in Chinese.)


Topic: Anti-Tumor Clinical Trial Design: Error Sources and Countermeasures for the Imaging Endpoint Process


 Speaker: Dr. Mari Anzai Micron, Inc. Imaging Service Department

 Time: Aug 24, 2020 16:00 Japan time (15:00 in Beijing time



In the field of developing anti-tumor drugs, imaging endpoints, such as the objective response rate (ORR), progression-free survival     (PFS), etc., are assessed using medical images, namely CT, MRI, and PET, have become widely used in clinical trials. Acquiring the        imaging endpoints includes scanning to obtain images, assessing the image data, and so on. During scanning, imaging manufacturer     discrepancies, scanning parameter settings, and other factors may result in imaging endpoint errors. On the other hand, during the       assessment, the reader’s subjective judgment or assessment bias may also result in endpoint errors. The standardization of scanning    and assessment is necessary to avoid errors and acquire accurate study     results. This lecture will focus on the source of errors in the results and the corresponding resolutions.


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