A Micron employee will give a 2nd lecture at a web seminar run by our partner , Proswell Medical Company in China. (Note: This seminar will be in Chinese.)

Topic: Imaging Assessments and Recent Trends in Clinical Trials in the Central Nervous System – Focusing on MRI –《中枢神经系统的临床试验中影像学检查(MRI)的最新趋势》

Speaker: Dr. Mari Anzai Micron, Inc. Imaging Service Department

Time: Oct 13, 2020 16:00 Japan time (15:00 in Beijing time



In the field of Central Nervous System, image assessments using MRI is considered important. In particular, in clinical trials using imaging as an assessment item, qualitative and quantitative evaluations are performed in many cases, unlike imaging conditions used in daily medical practice. Standardization of MRI imaging conditions in multi-center clinical trials is an important point. This lecture will focus on the standardization of MRI imaging conditions for Central Nervous System diseases.


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