Meet us at virtual.MEDICA 2020, the world’s largest medical device exhibition

Micron, Inc. will exhibit software at MEDICA 2020. This year, MEDICA will be held online.


November 16 – 19, 2020

Micron’s virtual booth (URL accessible to everyone)




Perfusion Image Analysis Software

A medical image analysis program automatically analyzes cerebral blood flow information, which is connectable to PACS. An application which provides information for making decisions, and diagnosis related to pathological conditions using CT perfusion images (CTP) and MR Diffusion-weighted images (DWI)/Perfusion weighted images (PWI).


This software was marketed in Japan on April 13, 2020, and is used to support physicians to select patients with acute stroke for thrombectomy and improving the workflow. In order to deliver this software to many users, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce its functions and features.


ATRaS, DICOM Viewer and De-Identification Software

ATRaS has a DICOM image anonymization function, DICOM tag editing/comparison function, image viewer function, etc. Based on the  know-how accumulated as an imaging CRO, this software has been developed to prevent the leakage of personal information in clinical trials and clinical research at a reasonable price.


We are looking forward to getting in touch with many companies at virtual.MEDICA 2020. Please visit our virtual booth.


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